How to Enter the New Roundabout

The new roundabout at US 41 and Fruitville Road has opened. To help you navigate, here are some diagrams on how to enter the roundabout.

Entering from northbound US 41:

Entering the roundabout from Northbound US 41

Entering from southbound US 41:

Entering the roundabout from Southbound US 41

Entering from westbound Fruitville Road:

Entering the roundabout from westbound Fruitville Road

Entering from The Quay:

Entering the roundabout from the Quay
The City of Sarasota in coordination with The Florida Department of Transportation and The Quay are improving this key intersection to improve connectivity, access, and safety for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic flow and operations between downtown Sarasota and the Bayfront area.