See videos on how to navigate new U.S. 41 roundabouts

The City of Sarasota is sharing a series of informational videos to help educate motorists on how to navigate the new multi-lane roundabouts on U.S. 41 at 10th and 14th streets ahead of their planned opening the weekend of April 17th.

The videos, produced in conjunction with engineering firm Kimley-Horn and Associates, can be viewed online on the City’s website. The series of videos includes:

“Roundabouts offer many improvements over traditional signalized intersections, including enhanced safety for both motorists and pedestrians and better traffic flow. But drivers are sometimes unsure how to navigate them, especially multi-lane roundabouts like the two at 10th and 14th streets,” said City Engineer Alex DavisShaw. “We’ve created these educational, easy-to-follow videos, and while so many of us are spending extra time at home, we hope residents will take this opportunity to watch and familiarize themselves with the new roundabouts before they have a chance to experience them in person.”

The roundabouts are being constructed by the Florida Department of Transportation. Traffic shifts are expected to occur next weekend, with travel lanes at U.S. 41 and 10th Street changing to a two-lane roundabout configuration by Friday, April 17, and at U.S. 41 and 14th Street by Sunday, April 19. High-intensity activated crosswalk (HAWK) pedestrian crossing systems will also be activated and are included in the simulated driver’s view instructional video.

For more information on the roundabout project, visit

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The City of Sarasota in coordination with The Florida Department of Transportation and The Quay are improving this key intersection to improve connectivity, access, and safety for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic flow and operations between downtown Sarasota and the Bayfront area.