Common Questions Regarding Construction

Will Fruitville Road be closed during construction?

For a period of time, the last block of Fruitville Road will be closed for all westbound traffic.  So, drivers traveling north to the airport or south to the barrier islands will need to take an alternative route.  During this time, drivers seeking to enter downtown from the north will need to turn from US 41 onto 10th Street or Boulevard of the Arts instead of Fruitville Road to go downtown.

What access will I have through the project limits during construction?

For the most current, detailed information, please refer to our Project Activities page.

During the initial stages of construction there will be both daytime and nighttime construction. The project limits run on US 41 from First Street to Boulevard of the Arts and on Fruitville Road from US 41 to Cocoanut Avenue.  Drivers will be able to navigate through the project limits, with nighttime lane closures between the hours of 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. There may be isolated flaggers directing traffic on side streets as needed. North-South traffic will continue to flow throughout the project.  The northbound-to-eastbound turn from US 41 to Fruitville Road (the evacuation route) will also remain open.

What will the speed be reduced to in the construction zone?

The speed limit will be reduced to 25 mph throughout the project limits on US 41 from First Street to Boulevard of the Arts and on Fruitville Road from US 41 to Cocoanut Avenue. Detour speed limits may be adjusted throughout the project limits during construction.

Will traveling speeds be reduced on Cocoanut Avenue during construction?

Speed limits are currently set at 25 mph on Cocoanut Avenue approaching the project limits. Signage will also be in place along Cocoanut Avenue approaching the project limits to alert drivers to the reduced speed within the project limits.

Will traffic detours be in place redirecting motorists from Fruitville Road to Boulevard of the Arts?

Traffic detours will be in place at Boulevard of the Arts and on 10th Street. The City of Sarasota and the Florida Department of Transportation are also working to expand detour routes available at a greater distance from the project limits throughout the City so that motorists have enough notice to take other alternative routes and avoid the project limits if desired.


Common Questions About the Finished Roundabout

Will the roundabout cause traffic to back up on US 41?

Roundabouts offer a time savings, increasing the capacity to move traffic through the intersection by as much as 30 to 50 percent. For more information, click here.

Is the roundabout safer for pedestrian crossing? How?

There are about 10 percent to 40 percent fewer pedestrian/bicycle crashes at roundabout intersections compared to other intersections.

In addition, the roundabout will feature a HAWK pedestrian crossing/beacon system. The HAWK pedestrian crossing/beacon systems are being used with greater frequency for the additional safety they provide for pedestrians and for the versatility of use. The HAWK pedestrian beacon is a high-intensity activated crosswalk beacon originally designed as a cost-effective option for protected pedestrian crossings at mid-block and un-signalized intersections. Unlike conventional pedestrian signals, the HAWK is only operational when activated by a pedestrian.

How the HAWK system works:

  • Signal has 3 lights in a triangular configuration: dual red lights above a single yellow light
  • Signal stays at rest (inactive) until a pedestrian activates the signal by pressing a push-button
  • Traffic flow is uninterrupted until signal is activated by a pedestrian
  • When the signal is activated, drivers are cautioned with a yellow flashing signal to prepare drivers to stop
  • Drivers stop at the sustained red light
  • Pedestrians cross during the alternating dual red flashing lights
  • The signal goes dark when pedestrian movement is complete; drivers may continue forward
  • HAWK works in conjunction with conventional pedestrian signal heads at each end of the crosswalk that indicate “Walk” and “Don’t Walk”

We invite you to watch this informative video to learn more about the HAWK pedestrian signal system: HAWK Pedestrian Signal System Video.

Source: www.swflroads.com

Will the HAWK pedestrian crossing system cause traffic to back up on US 41 and Fruitville Road?

The HAWK pedestrian crossing system is designed to maximize the flow of vehicular traffic, while providing added safety for pedestrian and bicyclist traffic. The HAWK signal remains inactive until a pedestrian or bicyclist activates the signal by pressing a push-button. That way, vehicular traffic flow is uninterrupted until the signal is activated by a pedestrian or bicyclist.


General Questions

Are there plans to construct a roundabout at Cocoanut Avenue and Fruitville Road?

There are no plans to construct a roundabout at Cocoanut Avenue and Fruitville Road.

The City of Sarasota in coordination with The Florida Department of Transportation and The Quay are improving this key intersection to improve connectivity, access, and safety for pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic flow and operations between downtown Sarasota and the Bayfront area.